WE HAD AN INCREDIBLE 1ST YEAR! Thank you AGAIN to our Sponsors!

Congratulations to our race winners!  Click image for full race results

Congratulations to our race winners!

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To bring diverse organizations and individuals together to educate, change policies, expand access and improve treatment for opioid addiction

Healthy-drug free communities coming together in support of prevention of the disease of addiction

Join us for our next meeting:
3rd Thursday of every month at 8am
700 Sawmill Rd., Bloomsburg PA 17815


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Law & Order

  • Incorporates education/training/treatment referral mechanisms into the law and order system, including first responders and the local health systems

  • Supports drug courts

  • Supports DA/Law Enforcement efforts to stop addiction

  • Data sharing and community dialogue



  • Centered on educating the community about opioids and their addictive nature, the presentations are more effective when targeted to specific audiences

  • Makes connections between opioid prescription drug use and heroin addiction

  • Establishes opioid addiction as a chronic disease that requires treatment

  • Addreses stigmas and the vulnerability of all


Treatment and Recovery
Community Committee

  • Improves access and makes it easier for people to get help for themselves and others

  • Increases capacity of support and treatment centers

  • Naxolone training and education