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Are you ready to start the new year FRESH?

United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties brings you this unique opportunity to support your community while having some good ol’ freezing cold fun.

The PIE OR PLUNGE event will be your chance to have a good time with friends and family, take a refreshing dip on the Susquehanna on January 1st and help your community have a great 2020.

Please visit the GoFundMe fundraiser page in support of this event:

Event details:

> The Pie or Plunge will take place at noon on January 1st at Bloomsburg Airport.

> The suggested contribution is $20, but lower amounts will also be welcome and higher amounts will be greatly appreciated.

> Sponsor a friend or family member to do the plunge, or get somebody else to sponsor you.

> Alternatively, you can also get a group of friends or family members to sponsor you or a friend in common!

> Safety Precautions including an emergency response team will be taken during the event.

> Turkey Hill Brewing Company will be providing an adult beverage to those of age after the polar plunge and soup to all participants.

> Non-adult beverages will also be available.


The Pie or Plunge Challenge
in our Workplace Campaign

This year, as an extra incentive for workplace campaigns, we are challenging employers to set a workplace giving goal.

If employees meet the workplace giving goal a member of your leadership team will agree to either take a polar bear plunge with us or allow one of the workplace givers to "pie them" in the face.

We will ask if you are going the pie route to randomly pull the name of one individual who participated in workplace giving. The Pie or Plunge will take place January 1st. Since we know not everyone will be available, pop-up "Pie in the Face" events can be scheduled as an alternative at individual work places during a time that works best for the business.

Want to get your workplace signed up? To participate, simply fill out this form and return it to Adrienne Mael at [email protected]

Adrienne can be contacted at the email address above or by calling 570-784-3134.

Join United Way in making an impact in your local community.