Every community has issues.


United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties does not work to minimize them.
We work to end them.

That’s why we have developed a new way of addressing these issues in order to find and deliver long-term solutions.
We do that by establishing goals, identifying strategies and mobilizing the necessary resources, both people and financial.

We’re uniting our community to make a difference — with your help.


How we raise the money

Our donors contribute to United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties in numerous ways. All these donations allow us to implement impactful change for our community and those who are in need. 

Donations from workplace campaigns

Workplaces are working harder than ever to help our community. Every year, companies across Columbia and Montour counties unite their employees around workplace campaigns that encourage employees to donate to United Way. They are made possible through efforts of on-site representatives who rally their colleagues to make change in our local communities. 

Donations by corporations/foundations

On behalf of their companies, business owners and leaders across Columbia and Montour are giving back to the community. Through generous donations to United Way, corporations and foundations are dedicated to improve the communities in which they are headquartered. We collaborate with them to align their community impact goals with those funded by United Way.

Donations from community leaders

Our community leaders are paving the way to make our communities a better place for everyone. These individuals are making a financial investment to improve our region, and they know United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties will properly allocate their donations. These contributions are made in the form of significant one-time and annual donations to United Way.

Donations from individuals

Every individual — INCLUDING YOU — can make a difference in our community by giving to United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties. Whether the donation is large or small, a one-time contribution or a recurring gift, a gift in dollars or time, every dollar is invaluable to address the critical needs that we face. One-time contributions are a great way for first-time donors to begin their involvement.

How we invest the money

Deciding where donations will make the highest impact is not an easy task — but no one knows what a community needs better than the people who live in it. United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties has been entrusting the proposal review process to a team of community volunteers. These volunteers make the hard decisions regarding which programs they believe should receive funding, as well as the level of funding.

These funding recommendations are based on community need, other available resources in the area and a program’s ability to deliver quality services in an effective manner. Ultimately, the selected programs are the ones that the Impact Teams believe can provide the greatest level of support to the members of our community who most need it.

Based on these recommendations, the members of the Board at United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties make their final evaluation and decide on which programs are the best option for each specific need and what the appropriate allocation would be for each partner agency.

The community assessment

To be able to serve our community, we need to understand its needs. So, we went right to the source.

Over the last five years, our United Way has worked with community leaders, service providers and donors to examine Columbia and Montour Counties’ greatest issues, trends and opportunities. This extensive community assessment included community listening sessions, focus groups, interviews, surveys and data collection — all to determine how we can best help our community.

Thanks to this information, United Way can make even more targeted, deliberate, impactful funding decisions, ensuring that support is going to the most-needed areas.