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healthy lifestyle

Child obesity is a growing problem, not only in our area but in the entire country. Promoting a healthy lifestyle among children – based on good eating habits and exercising – has become an increasingly crucial task because it can set the tone for a life-long ability to reach and maintain good health. With that in mind, United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties created the Healthy Fit Club, a 8-week long program (usually starting in February) that helps educate kids 6-12 in a fun and active environment on the importance of physical activities, making good food choices and much more. The program is complemented with the presence of certified professionals who can do health screenings and assessments, as well as registered dietitians and fitness instructors.

The Healthy Fit Club has been offered in 2018 and 2019 as a FREE program to our community. We are currently working on the funding for next year’s edition, so please check back soon for more information!


healthcare – sight services

Vision loss is an all-encompassing disability – it affects every aspect of one’s life. The stress caused by the inability to perform everyday tasks and to live independently in the community can be monumental. Aware of that, United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties funds two programs: Prevention of Blindness offers vision screenings to preschool children (ages 2-6 years) and adults in a variety of settings, identifying individuals in need of an eye examination. The Supportive Services for Blind/Visually Impaired provides transportation to medical facilities and essential community resources, support to help individuals maintain their independence; education to help clients understand, compensate for, and adjust to their visual loss, and support groups to bring together people facing similar issues.

Funded organization providing this service:


life enhancing

Several members of our community face a lifelong illness or condition that can negatively impact their outlook in life. United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties is proud to fund programs that help people with special needs such as physical, emotional and cognitive, ranging from behavioral disorders to quadriplegia. Whether through therapeutic sessions or in a summer camp experience, individuals can engage in activities that gives them a sense of belonging and helps them better function in society.

The funded organizations that provide these services are:


recreational services

Keeping a healthy mental and physical life style also means taking time off from our busy lives to enjoy little moments of fun and recreation. Whether it’s playing sports, exercising or just meeting friends, activities like these represent an important part of everyone’s life.

The organizations funded by United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties that provide these services are:


senior citizen living

Senior citizens deserve out utmost respect and sympathy. More than that, they deserve to have access to healthy and joyful places where they can attend events to socialize and have fun, as well as keep mentally and physically active. The funding provided by United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties helps organizations offer services, programs and events specifically targeted at this age group.

The funded organizations that provide these services are:


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