Education and Mentorship


child and youth engagement

Every community needs programs and facilities that offer educational, social, cultural and recreational opportunities for children and teenagers in a healthy environment. In addition to providing the benefits of informal learning, these places also act as centers for social interaction.

The funded organizations that provide these services are:


early education

Every child deserves to have access to the best possible source of education from their first developmental stages. Early Learning programs provide a research-based curriculum that supports children’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical development and individual learning styles. Each child is assessed three times a year, and the staff is made up of degreed teachers and well trained paraprofessionals.

The organizations funded by United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties that provide this service are:



Public libraries have always been a center for life-long learning in communities, and that role is increasing as they are uniquely positioned to take a more active role in the growth of our area. The funding provided by United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties allows the public libraries located within our counties to offer literacy programs both for children and adults, with a focus that spans through different areas of knowledge, from basic literacy for school-aged children to information, social & civic and financial literacies targeted to adults.

The funded libraries that provide these services are:

Additionally, the Traveling Library also provides quality library services in underserved rural areas within our counties.



In Columbia county, 39% of children under the age of 18 are living in low-income families. And 31% of the county’s youth are residing in single-parent homes. The support and funding provide by United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties allow organizations to offer mentoring programs to children and teenagers, who can enjoy life-long benefits from a positive role model and be better prepared for school, work and relationships with family, friends and future co-workers.

The funded organizations that provide these services are:



One of the most important roles of a community is to make sure each one of its members is given the same opportunities. With that goal in mind, United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties has partnered with Suncon Industries to address the needs of individuals with special needs in becoming more active and contributing members of the communities they live in. The program has been forging relationships with community members and developing strong bonds. When given the chance to be more immersed in the community live, individuals build new skills that help them become more well-rounded. Socialization, communication skills, community safety and awareness, vocational development and personal growth are areas that get developed and molded daily, generating different opportunities for those involved.

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