19 East 7th Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815 P.O. Box 424

M / T / F between  9am and 4pm. Thursdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Closed Wednesdays. Tel: (570) 317-2210

Dollar Energy Fund- Dollar Energy Fund provides assistance for UGI Central Penn Gas and PA American Water. Applicants must have a balance on their utility bill of at least $100. An applicant can be a senior citizen (age 60) and they may have a zero balance as long as there is no existing credit on the account. Applicants must also show a sincere effort of payment, meaning they have paid some amount on their bill within the last 90 days. (With PPL Gas it is $150.00 and with PA American Water it is $100.00) The maximum amount of assistance an applicant can receive is $400.00. Must provide recent utility bill and proof of income.

Emergency Shelter (hotel/motel stays)

Life Essentials- is a comprehensive program that facilitates local communications between those in need and the organizations that can help them. We offer educational materials, counseling and instructions on available resources, referral services, and a network of solutions to help solve problems. When other resources are unavailable or have been exhausted, financial assistance is provided for heating, rental, utilities, mortgage, car, medical and prescription expenses.

Operation Help-  is funded by PPL in order to assist in paying the energy bills of the elderly, disabled and others with hardships. A person must be income eligible for this program. These funds can be used to assist in the payment of any home energy bill, except UGI Penn Natural Gas. Documentation is needed (bills, termination notices, etc…) to show that the home is having an energy emergency. Documentation of incomes is also necessary. The maximum amount of assistance is $500.00 and applicants can only receive assistance once a year.

Project Outreach -UGI Penn Natural Gas supplies funds to Columbia County in order to provide energy assistance to those who are in need and are income eligible. These applicants in need must be within UGI Penn Natural Gas service territory and must have an outstanding balance on their energy bill. Applicants must provide proof of income and expenses of all members of the household. The maximum amount of assistance is $200.00 and applicants can only receive assistance once a year.

Rent Payment Assistance

Trans Ports- is a program that provides transportation resources for people and logistical assistance for materials that can be used to help our community. This program exists to solve problems simply by getting people and materials from here to there.

Burial and Cremation Services Payment

Provides payment for burial and cremation services on behalf of eligible individuals.

27 East Seventh Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815-0628 P.O. Box 628  Tel: (877) 211 -1322

Columbia County Assistance Office:

Provides: SNAP food stamps, TANF cash assistance, Financial Assistance, Telephone Assistance Programs.        

27 East Seventh Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Tel: (570) 387-4200

LIHEAP (Energy Assistance, Utility Help) – Columbia The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, also known as LIHEAP, helps low-income families pay their heating bills. LIHEAP is a grant that offers assistance in the form of a cash grant, sent directly to the utility company, or a crisis grant for households in immediate danger of being without heat.

Columbia/Montour Aging Office

702 Sawmill Road, Suite 201 Bloomsburg, PA 17815

During office hours: (570) 784-9272 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

After office hours: (570) 784-0828

TRANSPORTATION- The Agency will provide rides to senior centers, banks, grocery stores, doctor and hospital appointments, other medical appointments and other agencies, when no other means of transportation is available. There are limitations to some transportation services. Forty-eight-hour (48) notice must be given. Escorts are provided when needed. Transportation will be provided to the service closest to the client’s residence. A lift van is available for disabled older adults.

CSO Community Action Agency

16 Sherwood Drive Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Tel: (570) 412-2830

Heating Assistance - Heating Fuel Assistance, this program provides help for paying home-heating costs to eligible households during the winter months only. Client enrolls to save up to $300 in 6 months to receive 100% match to purchase heating fuel.

Discount Prescription Card- HealthTrans Access Discount Prescription Card CSO, Inc. has HealthTrans Access discount prescription drug cards that could save you 10%-85% on the cost of your prescriptions at participating pharmacies. Everyone is eligible to receive and use the card.

VITA Program- helps you file your tax return for free and also helps you claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) on your tax return. This service is for families and individuals having $50,000 or less in total earned income per year. Only files basic returns.

Financial Literacy Workshops- Money Management- A basic understanding of money and how it works is a crucial step in a person’s journey toward self-sufficiency. Introducing clients to the financial mainstream encourage better consumer habits and assisting clients to create and maintain a budget is the goal of CSO, Inc. Financial Literacy Program.

Montour County Assistance Office

Employment Training, TANF cash assistance SNAP food stamps, medical assistance

903 Sunbury Rd, Danville, PA 17821

Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tel: (570) 275 -7430

Montour County Human Services

112 Woodbine Lane Danville, PA 17821  Tel: (570) 271 -3028

Programs are available to economically disadvantaged individuals between the ages of 18-59 years of age. Must meet income guidelines (150%) of poverty.

Services: Transportation, Housing Assistance, Monthly Food Pantry, Home Delivered Meals, Homemaker Services Information & Referral, PPL Assistance Programs, Operation HELP, On-Track Program.

Montour County Transit

112 Woodbine Lane, Suite 1 Danville, PA 17821 Tel: (570) 271 -0833


Call Schuylkill Community Action

Tel: (570) 622 -1995

On Track is a payment program available for PPL customers with limited incomes who are unable to pay for their electric services. If an applicant qualifies for the On Track program, they will receive a special reduced monthly payment based on family size and income, protection from service shut-off and a chance to reduce any debt owed to PPL.

Safe Link Wireless Columbia Montour Counties

CSO, Inc. can complete online applications to provide eligible individuals with a free pre-paid cell phone including 68, 125 or 250 free minutes a month.

Tel: (570) 644 -6575

Transportation Services

Contact rabbit transit at 1-800-632-9063 for a list of the transportation programs and guidelines that are available in Columbia County.

These programs include: Medical Access Transportation Program, the Welfare to Work Transportation program and Income Eligible Transportation programs.



19 East 7th Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815 P.O. Box 424

M/ T/ F between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Thursday's between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Closed Wednesdays. Tel: (570) 317 -2210

Smart Start- is a program that provides educational referrals and training assistance to individuals who need specific information at pivotal points in their lives. The “right” training at the right time can help land a job, avoid a family crisis, and build a solid foundation toward a better future.

Career Link- Columbia/Montour Counties

 415 Central Rd Street 2Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Tel: (570) 387 -6288

The PA Career Link is a one-stop job center that provides an array of employment and training services in a convenient, easily accessible location. Services include job counseling, testing and assessment; resume preparation assistance, interview training and other pre-job guidance services; job matching and referral; unemployment insurance and job registration; labor market and career information; information on financial aid for education and training; and referral for job training, transportation, child care, personal and financial counseling, health care and other human services resources in the community.   Earn PA: Assistance to transition from welfare to work. ( ext.110)

Educational Planning & Support

16 Sherwood Drive, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Tel: (570) 316 -3818

Services include career planning, assistance with financial aid applications, information on entering post-secondary schools (2-year or 4-year college or trade/technical school), GED information, and academic and educational counseling. Talent Search complements the EOC program by helping to prepare adolescents for post secondary education. Adults 19 years and older (but we do provide services for those under 19).Low Income and First Generation College Students, Veterans, Individuals with disabilities, Dislocated workers, Underemployed, Unemployed and Minorities.


Columbia County Domestic Relations

11 West Main St. Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Tel: (570) 387 -8870

The Columbia County Domestic Relations Office is a part of the Columbia County Court of Common Pleas.  The Domestic Relations Office assists the Court in establishing and enforcing Court Orders for child and spousal support.

Columbia/Montour Aging Office

702 Sawmill Road, Suite 201 Bloomsburg, PA 17815

During office hours Tel: (570) 784 -9272. After office hours Tel:  (570) 784 -0828

LEGAL SERVICES- Legal assistance is available to eligible older adults through a one-time consultation with a local attorney.

Juvenile Probation Columbia County

35 West Main Street Bloomsburg PA 17815 Tel: (570) 389 -5684  

To provide for children who have committed delinquent acts programs of supervision, care and rehabilitation which provide balanced attention to the protection of the community, the imposition of accountability for offenses committed, and the development of competencies to enable children to become responsible and productive members of the community by employing evidence-based practices, with fidelity, at every stage of the juvenile justice process; collecting and analyzing the data necessary to measure the results of these efforts; and, with this knowledge, striving to continuously improve the quality of our decisions, services and programs.

North Penn Legal Services

168 E. 5th Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815

 Monday through Friday between  9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tel: (570) 784-8760

North Penn Legal Services is a nonprofit organization providing civil legal aid to low-income residents of Northeastern.

Victim Witness Program

35 W. Main St. Bloomsburg, PA 17815

 Tel: (570)784 -8279

The Columbia County Victim Witness Program is a free program dedicated to assisting all Crime Victims with the rights and service to which they are entitled under the Pennsylvania Crime Victims Bill of Rights and the standards set forth by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. If you area Victim of Crime and in need of assistance, please contact the Victim Witness Coordinator.

emergency assistance


19 East 7th Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815 P.O. Box 424

M/ T/ F between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Thursday's between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Closed Wednesdays. Tel: (570) 317 -2210

Road Home is a program which helps displaced people who are in need of housing, short-term shelter or recovery assistance after a disaster. For a variety of reasons good people can find themselves without a secure place to live. House fires, natural disasters, unemployment and estrangement from family members are just a few of the reasons people can suddenly find themselves homeless.

Disaster Response is a program activated only in case of widespread disaster throughout Columbia and Montour Counties. AGAPE houses the Columbia County Volunteer Agencies Active in Disaster (CCVOAD), and works in conjunction with FEMA, PEMA, and other local disaster relief agencies. We serve as a hub unit for Mission Central disaster kits and materials.

Columbia County Emergency Management Center

26 W 1st Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

Operations and Training Officer (570) 389-5734  (Weekdays 8am - 4:30pm)

Emergency Management Coordinator (570) 389-5720  (Weekdays 7am - 3:30pm)

Public Inquiry / Rumor Control (570) 389-5738 (During emergency operations center activations) EMERGENCYCALL 911

Like any community Columbia County is potentially vulnerable to a variety of natural and man caused emergencies with flash flooding and Susquehanna River flooding at the top of the list. Columbia County is also a risk county of the Susquehanna Steam Electric Station and a member of the East Central PA Counter-Terrorism Task Force. With 49 Tier II reporting facilities, Interstate 80 and two railroads dissecting the county we are also prepared to respond to a variety of hazardous materials incidents. Columbia County EMA’s motto is “Informed people make better decisions’ so community outreach is the foundation of our emergency management program.


Columbia County EMA Rear 26 W First St, PO Box 380 Bloomsburg PA 17815

Tel: (570) 389-5720


Emergency crisis services/ Intervention- CMSU provides 24 hour 7 days a week emergency crisis services to the community.


The American Red Cross

Fire and Disaster Assistance, Emergency Communications for military families.

249 Farley Cir, Lewisburg PA 17837 Tel: (570) 524 -0400

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. Services provided by the Red Cross: Disaster Relief, Lifesaving Blood, Training & Certification, Military Families, and International Services.

Emergency Shelter Allowance (ESA) - Columbia Pennsylvania Department of Human Services : Columbia County Assistance Office

The Department of Human Services offers an Emergency Shelter Allowance, ESA, to help a homeless or near homeless family/individual to: stop eviction from your home/apartment or foreclosure of your house; find a long-term place to live; find a short-term place to stay.

27 East Seventh Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815  Tel: (570)-387-4200or Hotline Phone Tel:  (800)-692-7462

Police Stations

  • Benton Police Station-150 Colley St # 2, Benton, PA 17814 (570) 925-5432
  • Berwick Police Station-1800 N Market St, Berwick, PA 18603 570- 752-3677
  • Bloomsburg Police Station- 301 E 2nd St #1, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 570-784-4155
  • Danville Police Station- 235 Mill St # 1, Danville, PA 17821 570-275-2101
  • Millville Police Station- 136 Morehead Ave, Millville, PA 17846 (570) 458-5661
  • Nescopeck Police Station-501 Raber Ave, Nescopeck, PA 18635 570- 752-3799
  • Orangeville Police Station- Mill St, Orangeville, PA 17859 (570) 683-5914

Salvation Army

Provides many services including: Addiction Dependency, Emergency Response, Family Tracing, Health Services, and Sports Ministry.

Berwick Store- 320 W 2nd St, Berwick, PA 18603 (570) 759-1214                                                                    

Bloomsburg Service- 345 Market St, Bloomsburg, PA 17815(570) 387-4112

Bloomsburg Store- 345 Market St, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 (570) 387-4112                                             

Danville Store- 260 Mill St, Danville, PA 17821 (570) 275 -7820

The Women Center, Inc. of Columbia/montour

Domestic violence and sexual assault.

111 North Market Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815

24/7 Crisis Hotline (570) 784-6631 or (800) 544-8293

For administrative needs (570)