The United Way of Columbia and Montour County is an organization of community volunteers that leads, inspires and mobilizes volunteers and contributes to help provide solutions to essential health and human service issues to improve the quality of life for the people of Columbia and Montour County.

Our Mission

United Way of Columbia and Montour County's mission is to increase the organized capacity of people to care for another

Our focus is on education, income and health—the building blocks for a good quality of life and a strong community.


Our Purpose

For almost 60 years our volunteers have been:

  • Identifying human service needs of Columbia and Montour Counties
  • Forming new collaborations and finding new solutions to community issues
  • Developing community resources
  • Allocating financial resources to local, quality programs and agencies

Diversity & Inclusion

The United Way of Columbia and Montour County is committed to providing a supportive work environment where employees are expected to show respect to colleagues, clients, and volunteers.  The United Way of Columbia and Montour County strives to be a model of diversity and inclusion. 

In valuing organizational diversity, the United Way of Columbia and Montour County seeks to include and engage with a broad range of staff, clients, and volunteers. In embracing inclusive practice, the United Way of Columbia and Montour County uses the strengths and different perspectives that each person offers as a result of, but not limited to, the individual’s: 

  • Age
  • Culture
  • Disability
  • Education
  • Ethnicity or Race
  • Gender, Gender Identity, or Gender Expression
  • Personality 
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Socio-Economic Status

The United Way respects, values and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. By bringing a diverse group of individuals together, we are able to collectively and more effectively address the issues that face our communities.