What is Recovery?

“Getting better from something that once made you struggle.”

-       College Student, 19


“Healing or getting better after an event that may or may not had been traumatic … mainly healing”

-       Student, 21


“Period of time after a disaster to get back to normal”

-      Nursing Assistant, 42


“Recovering from anything, such as a dependence on drugs and alcohol”

-       Retail Manager, 23


“A time where you can get better”

-      Child Care Provider, 19


“Working on ailments and yourself in order to become a healthier, happier person”

-       College Student, 19


“The process of returning back to your normal state?”

-      Field Under Writer, 22


“Regaining what you once had.”

-      Corrections Officer, 19

“The process of something/someone returning to its/their previous state which in most cases, is better than the current state its/their in. Usually beneficial.”

-       Customer Service Employee, 21


“Recovery is a return back to your normal self”

-      Child Care, 21


“Time spent improving and benefiting yourself after an injury physically or mentally”

-       Student, 19


“Replenishing of the body to fully functional and healthy state”

-      Concrete, 20


“Don’t know”

-       Student, 18


“Being able to come out of an unforeseen situation and revive yourself back into healthy patterns or behavior”

-      Server, 18


“getting better”

-      Daughter, 12


“the act of getting better and becoming healthier”

-      High school student, 16


“Recovery is the act in which an individual begins the healing process & ‘gets over’ something”

-       Daycare Assistant Teacher, 18


“A complete change in your life”

-      Caseworker, 33


“Some sort of physical or mental healing. Or finding something.”

-       Intern and Student, 19



-       High School Student, 16


“having the ability to come back/heal from something.”

-       Camp Counselor, 18


“Recuperate, heal, grow, gain.”

-      Sales, 20


“Recovery is replacing damaging dangerous behaviors with healthy ones.”

-       Medical Laboratory Technologist, 63


“A long process”

-       Unemployed, 18


“An okay album by Eminem”

-      Landscaper, 17

“Recovery ….. healing yourself from whatever damage has been done.”

-      Sales Associate, 20


“Willingness to begin the never ending journey to access available support/assistance to begin & maintain freedom from addiction.”

-      Business Owner, 66


“the process of healing”

-Sales Associate, 20


“healing from something that was toxic”

College Student, 18


“A nap?”

Best Soccer Player Ever, 8


“Aid when disaster occurs”

-      Respiratory Therapist, 52


“the process of feeling like yourself again”

Student, 17


“From a financial perspective, recovery is finding ways to maintain a stable income and attain wealth. It especially pertains to people who were stripped of generational wealth and/or born with economic disadvantages.”

Writing Consultant, 19

“progress towards a healthy state”

-       Student, 19



-      Finance, 58



-       Nursing Student, 27


“Coming back from a poor experience or decision”

-      Outdoor Instructor, 19


“When you heal from something”

-      Street Canvasser, 19



-      Sales, 38


“Having a life that is manageable and enjoyable without the need to go back to drugs or alcohol.”

-       Counselor, 37


“Recovery? Like recovering from addiction? Recovering from a sickness? It’s bettering yourself.”

-       Student, 18


“When you come back after a financial loss or physical injury, or find something after losing it”

High School Student, 16

“Bouncing back from something, I guess more of the journey of bouncing back is what recovery is.”

-       Full Time Student, 17


“recovery is physically, mentally, and spiritually healing from an accident, an addiction or other mental illness, etc”

Student, 19


“getting better from a trauma”

-       Student, 19


“I don’t know”

-      Mover, 19


“Recovery is overcoming your pain; it is not forgetting that pain or what you went through but accepting that pain as your own and learning to live through that pain. But also, like I wish someone could tell me.”

-       Swim Instructor, 17

“To me, recovery is finding all the resources in our local community that can empower me to help me reach my dreams”

-          Nonprofit, 33


“I don’t mean to sound ignorant but I think you were weak to even start drinking too much in the first place.”

-          Law Firm Associate, 36


“I don’t know much about recovery but I have a couple of good friends who are addicts, not in recovery though.”

-          Student, 15


“I don’t know. When I don’t know stuff I just ask my mom. Maybe she’s recoverent? That’s a hard word, but I bet my mommy could say it, she can say anything!”

-          Expert Inside Line Colorer, 5 and 3 quarter

“When you get caught? *laugh*”

-          Skater, 12



“Me. I’ve been in recovery for 18 years.”

-          Clerk, 38


“Strength above desire to seek weakness.”

-          Business Owner, 69


“Recovery is lessons and mistakes and everything in between to become the person you want to be”

-          Starbucks ASM, 21


“You mean like, from drugs and [stuff]. Oh well then, you shouldn’t be asking questions about that stuff miss. Excuse me now.”

-          Bookkeeper, 52


“Two words. It’s. Too. Hard. I tried rehab 9 times; my boyfriend tried it 17. That’s almost twice as many as me. Now I weigh 100 pounds kid. You’re never too good to be healthy. I’m still trying though.”

-          Unemployed, 27


“It’s not real. Every druggie I’ve seen has never chosen to get better.”

-          Student 17


“Umm, a battle, I guess. I have never been through it personally but some of the strongest people I know have. Well, still are, right?”

-          Teller, 48


“Working on something until you feel comfortable enough to do it again.”

-          Student, 20


“Finding the mental strength to push through obstacles so you can feel better.”

-          Student, 16


“The act of becoming better after injury or the process of breaking an addiction.”

-          Cashier, 20


“Are you speaking of when one of those people try and get help? Trust me, it never works darling.

-          Retired, 67


“That’s when you wake up tired from a too long nap cause you keeped on ignoring your mom, that ALWAYS happens to me ... but it’s summer now.”

-          Future Best Pilot Ever, 7


“A process.”

-          Barista, 23


“I don’t really know. It has to do with drugs and they try and scare you with all these fake stories and stuff. I don’t know, is that it?”

-          Youtuber, 14


“It’s a promise. To keep fighting to maintain who you are above your disease. Because it IS a disease!”

-          Stay at Home Mom, 26


“Recovery is overcoming an illness. Just like any other illness, it’s tough. Only difference between alcoholism and cancer is you’re the cause and the treatment. But that don’t mean you don’t deserve help. When a 36-year-old man burns himself playing on the grill no one refuses to aid him or rewrap his bandages. Even though he knew the risks. You know why? Because you help people who need help.”

-          Homeless and Unemployed, 36


“when you stop doing drugs. We always talk about that stuff in health which is weird, because they should tell the people actually doing drugs, not little kids.”

-          Gamer, 10


“I don’t know silly.”

-          Singer, 6


“When you get clean. That was deep for the first question.”

-          Baby Sitter, 16


“Is it sad that I’m a grown woman and don’t know the answer? Is it on Netflix? A game? Help me. You’re laughing, am I not even close?”

-          Momma of triplets, 38


“It’s when you’re brave are strong enough to say no to your own body”

-          Sales Representative, 20


“Impossible, my brother tore his ACL and he won’t ever recover. It like, never happens. Only chicks can bounce back cause they’re like, stronger or something.”

-          Student, 14


“Recovery is one of those things that are super hard for the people going through it but because there aren’t enough privileged people suffering from it, it’s never talked about. Kinda like racism.”

-          Mom and Business Owner, 24


“One of the hardest and longest struggles you’ll ever have to face.”

-          Carpenter, 30


“My dad was a recovering addict and he still is the best man I know. Recovery is change, healing. He is my role model still today. Recovery and all. He told me every day to be twice as strong as he ever could be and I can’t wait to die knowing I lived sober for him.”

-          Student, 16


“When someone gets sober and goes to meetings and stuff.”

-          Unemployed, 26



-          Waitress, 21


“Drive and hope and strength.”

-          Waitress, 18


“I don’t know much about that kid. I’ve seen people do drugs for years, crazy stuff too and ain’t not one of em lose a job over it yet. Better enough, I think their bosses made a sharing rule for the office.”

-          Bartender, 41


“Telling your mind that your body is more important.”

-          Yoga Instructor, 24


“I don’t know.”

-          Landlord, 42


“Wow. It’s so much. It’s most importantly correcting. Correcting whatever you feel is broken. Not what others think is broken but, what you think is. Whether it be your mind, body, spirit, relationships, anything. Yes, I do believe it’s correcting.”

-          Bookkeeper, 61


“Loving yourself more than you love the way a substance makes you feel then, choosing to love yourself again every day after that.”

-          Professor, 31



“Unpopular opinion but recovery is a choice. Addicts should go to jail for choosing to do something illegal in the first place. There are no drugs in jail, that can just be called rehab.”

-          Intern, 19


“A battle, for sure.”

-          Mom, 38


“I don’t think that’s an appropriate question to be just asking on the street walk little lady.”

-          *did not disclose*, 46


“Returning to normalcy.”

-          Receptionist, 19


“I love this question. My mom is a recovering alcoholic since before she even had me. Recovery is just a term pushed on people who were once addicts. You aren’t an addict for the rest of your life. It’s not true. My mom drank a beer for my 21st birthday and didn’t even finish it. Recovery is a forced identity.”

-          Banker, 31


“Oh, oh ,oh. It’s when you get addicted to drugs then get taken to the hospital for it and you live there and stuff. Like, there are hospitals for people who take drugs. I just learned that today.”

-          Student, 13


“Internal forgiveness,”
- Home health aid, 21


“What is recovery? Try, impossible without help.”

-          Homeless (not an addict), 43


“Bravery? Much more but like, mostly bravery.”

-          Student, 18



-          Retired, 78