What is the hardest part of your life? And who is helping you?

“Learning how to navigate this world as a queer POC and mentors, activists, yoga teachers.”

-       Paid intern, 19


“Trying to figure out how to use my privilege to help others who are at a disadvantage that I’m not.”

-       Retired RN, 69


“Being a momma of two neurotypicals and one child with learning disabilities. It’s so hard sometimes. But, I’m learning and I think my kids are the only ones helping me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

-       Momma of Triplets, 38


“Being homeless and no one long term.”

-       Veteran, 39


“Finding like-minded friends? No one.”

-       Student, 15


“Picking my candies from the store. There’s always too many.”

-       Unemployed, 4 and 3 quarters


“Getting to work, nobody”

-       Personal Shopper, 19


“Paying my tuition, myself.”

-       Manager, 19


“Growing an empire, my wife.”

-       Business Owner, 36


“Managing money, my mother.”

-       Student, 23


“Spreading my music, gaining a following. My followers, supporters.”

-       Music Artist, 14


“Getting into my profession, I hate working odd jobs. My adviser at school.” 

-       Retail, 20


“Helping my kids. They’re getting older and I can’t help them much anymore. No one can really help me.”

-       Mailman, 42


  “My summer class has to make a goodbye dance cause camp ends soon and it’s so stressful. But, my mom helped me pick out the outfit cause she is awesome.”

-       Artist/Dancer, 13


“Remaining positive, my boyfriend.”

-       Student, 19


“Trying to empower my nephews to not let the color of their skin scare them. My own insecurities and fears.”

-       Warehouse worker, 27


“Probably trying to keep up with bills, my car and college at the same time. No one is helping me. You want to help?”

-       College student, 19


“Paying for college, my parents.”

-       Student, 19


“Losing my grandchildren to addictions. I thought I had to prepare myself to go first and leave them. I never thought it. Never.”

-       Retired, 56


“College and trying to survive. No one is helping me except myself but I still struggle.”

-       High School Graduate, 17


“College and no one.”

-       Student, 21


“Money, my father.”

-       Student, 20


“Making ends meet. Bills never end and neither does work.”

-       Customer Service Agent, 46


“Going through college even though I know I shouldn’t be here. No one.”

-       Student, 24


“I haven’t talked to my mom in 6 years. I don’t know how to tell her I’m sorry. No one is helping but I think only I can do this.”

-       Cashier, *did not want to disclose*


“Finding a good nanny for my 4 year old. We have a couple of different apps and friends who have given us connections.”

-       Manager, 36


“My family doesn’t have any money and my mom has a chronic health condition. the only way for me to not end up broke is to get an education but i can’t even pay for college at all. No one is helping.”

-       Cashier, 19


“Preparing to leave college and get an “adult” job. My school is providing me with resources to develop my professional skills and find jobs.”

-       Student, 21


“Finding queer accepting people in my high school.”

-       Student, 17


“Finding a bigger house that can accommodate a growing family, we hired a real estate agent.”

-       Doctor,39


“Finding a job that doesn’t require a permanent address. No one helps the homeless.”

-       Homeless and unemployed, 36


“Sending my babies to school. Separation anxiety. My girlfriends have helped me.”

-       Stay at Home Mom, 26


“Raising my boy. My mother.”

-       Teller, 48


“I’m alone. My husband passed and my son is grown. I hate cats. I travel a lot and I do it all so alone. Everyone who enters the shop helps that.”

-       Bookkeeper, 52


“Knowing when to teach what. My coworkers.”

-       Professor, 60


“Figuring life out. My friends and family help me the most.”

-       Student, 19


“Wanting to be good enough and making my family proud, No one really.”

-       Military, 18


“depression and anxiety, myself.”

-       Unemployed, 16


“Money, but my family got my back.”

-       Sales Associate, 20


“Moving on from my girlfriend and finding a new one and mostly just my friends.”

-       Gamer, 16


“Planning vacation. We started too late and now my wife is stressed out. Happy wife happy life, you know the saying?”

-       Banker, 42


“Paying for school and working to financially support myself. My parents are.”

-       College Student, 20


“Succeeding at school and work at the same time. it’s been a struggle recently but my momma is constantly helping to anchor me.”

-       Student, 18


“Just learning the flow of adulthood like money managing, how to file taxes , and how to really chef it up in the kitchen besides breakfast. People everyday, whether they know it or not, help me.”

-       Camp counselor & Waitress, 19


“Finding my way back into my field. My Best friend.”

-       Pre-Law Graduate and Landscaper, 25


“My biggest struggle is trying to feed my children. Government and community assistance”

-       Cashier and Mother of Three, 21


“Hearing ⅔ of my graduating class use racial slurs like everyday language and learning how to speak up about it. No one.”

-       Student 17


“Providing for my family, I haven't met a single person willing to help yet. .”

-       Nanny, Waitress, Cashier and Mom of Four, 27


“Depression, my mother and friends (and Prozac).”

-       US Army Reservist/Patient Care Assistant, 20


“Work is the hardest part of my life ! My friends back home are helping me.”

-       Outdoors Activities Guide, 23


“being a student while paying off tuition and housing, only being able to work winter & summer breaks. My parents help pay sometimes.”

-       Student, 20


“School and social pressure. My family and friends.”

-       Server, 19


“My whole life? Probably staying content is the hardest part though, same woman, same house, less and less kids, and less and less you know what. No good action could help me and frankly, I’m not a bad man, so.”

-       Teller, 48


Getting up! My mom never lets me sleep in. I ask my Dad to tell her to just give me SIX MINUTES, can you believe the woman says no? EVERY TIME.”

-       *future* Vet, 6


“Probably keeping up with bills. I can’t go to college cause I couldn’t afford it. So now, I’m just dumb and in debt. ”

-       Student 19


“Getting girls. It makes you cool and no one ever likes me. My brother tried helping me and just ended up mocking me”

-       Practicing Pro Skater, 14


“Facing things I accepted as a child or young adult. I was fairly racist, sexist, quite homophobic and I have to live with that. With those thoughts because they’re apart of my whiteness. No one can help me but, that’s okay because no one helped those affected by me.”

-       Elementary School Teacher, 32


“Having to keep working, I want to retire. My body feels 90.”

-       GHD, 49


“Finding a job. Looking the part enough to deserve the job in their eyes.”

-       Unemployed, 22


“Educating everyone I can before I die missy. You shall too want to do the same when you get to my age, I assure you.”

-       Professional Grandmother, 52


“School and social pressure. My family and friends.”

-       Student, 16


“Telling my kids I love them. I know it sounds silly but it’s true. They’re growing up and I grew up without hearing it and I need to break the cycle. Everyone thinks realizing you’re apart of it is the hard part but, moving past that and forcing yourself to change it is the hard part.

-       Proud Dad, 34


“Figuring out what I wanna do, and my parents.”

-       College Student, 21


“My mental health… me myself and I at the moment. Hoping to transition back to weekly/monthly therapy.”

-       Student, 18


“Nothing. I live a joyous life. That’s what happens when you work hard. I was never a moocher. And look at me now.”

-       Homeowner, 63


“Being poor.All the time, I have no help. No one here has help.”

-       Cashier, 29


“I got an eviction notice a week ago. People are helping me move backwards, go into shelters and stuff but I just need time. I can do it if someone just gave me time.”

-       Intern, 22


“I don’t know, lack of wealth”

-       Programmer, 31


“I wanna do better at my craft. My shop family of course, clients that let me do a crazy tattoo and trust me..”

-       Tattoo Artist, 36


“I have to say goodbye to my kids. Not my kids but the kids i nanny.”

-       Nanny 27


“The hardest part of my life is figuring out school and if I want to change my major but I can’t afford to do it cause I’ll lose my scholarship. And no one really.”

-       Student, 19


“The hardest thing gotta be watching my family struggle. Ain’t nuffin worse den dat.”

-       Student, 20


“I don’t know. Never thought about it.”

-       Middle Schooler, 12


“Fighting for everyone. Any and everyone. Everyone supporting me, coming to rally’s and reposting.”

-       Entrepreneur and Political Activist, 24


“Getting out of bed.”

-       Mail Sorter, 42


“I hate my job. I guess my co workers help … sometimes!”

-       Server, 31


“I’m chillin’. Not much hard about summer, ya feel?”

-       Student, 16


Me and my best friend are fighting. My other best friend is helping me figure out what to say.”

-       Student, 15


“Finding a healthy balance between working and taking care of myself.”

-       Delivery Driver, 32


“My momma leaving us and me taking care of my siblings.”

-       Student, 21


“I’m a pretty happy man.”

-       Department Secretary, 52


“Not being distracted by other people and their agenda.”

-       Cook, 19


“Dealing with the death of my mom. She had cancer and I couldn’t pay for chemo. I couldn’t take time off to see her cause I tried to pay for chemo. No one wants to help and no one can.”

-       Student, 18


“Finances, no one helps.”

-       Waitress, 27


“being focused on my future, nobody.”

-       Sales, 19


“Mental health, my friends, family, and therapists are helping me.”

-       Student, 22


“Losing the people I love and my family is helping me!”

-       Assistant Manager, 18


“I guess that boy again. Knowing my boundaries. I’m white, he’s a person of color. My skin has nothing to do with the fact that I help him but, I have to understand it plays a factor. I’m no kind of savior and I’m not repaying a debt. I just love him like my own. As long as he always feels that. I’m okay.”

-       Stay at Home Mom, 34


“I’m happy.”

-       Retired, 66


“I don’t know. School i guess.”

-       Ball Player, 15


“Not being able to help my son with his debt. I know he is stressed and it pains me.”

-       Nurse, 43


“Learning how to become an adult, my parents.”

-       Full time student, 18


“Missing my babies.”

-       Nurse, 25


“Being married.”

-       Landlord, 56


“Paying off student debt, my mom is helping.”

-       Mechanic, 27


“ don’t know. Anything I could come up with would be juvenile. Like, potty training is hard for me right now.”

-       Stay at Home Mom, 32


“Financial Problems - my sister, kinda”

-       Sales Representative, 19


“Watching my clients die. 13. It never gets easier.”

-       Home Health Aid, 36


“Trying to be everyone's source of happiness when times are tough for me as well. My best friend”

-       Student, 19


“Realizing things I can not change about myself have control of my life. But, not full control and that answers the second question.”

-       Intern and waitress, 18

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